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  • Kiropraktisk behandling30 minuter, 900 kr
  • Kiropraktisk behandling, Första besöket45 minuter, 900 kr
  • Rehabträning45 minuter, 900 kr · Mer info


Fredrik Vare
(457 betyg)
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4.9Fantastiskt bra
457 betyg
till Fredrik Vare
Mycket, mycket kunnig. Ser och fixar sådant andra missar.
till Fredrik Vare
Tack för proffsigt bemötande samt snabb diagnos och behandling!!
till Fredrik Vare
It was totally shameful especially as I referred there. I usually do not trust easily but due to referring I had done. First of all, he starts vising me in 15 minutes delay. It was my first session and it supposes to be 45 min but it ended at 38 min when still I had some questions but he just pressed me to finish. Secondly, I do not feel he cares about patients and he is only thinking to get money ( 900 SEK ). I think he could get that he could not cheat me for more sessions and mentioned that I could not do anything more ( basically even he did not do anything in that session except the typical examinations for pelvic imbalance which is my problem). He just talked about Psoas muscle that is under stress. I had seen many videos on YouTube already about pelvic imbalance and particularly you could check from Bob and Brad YouTube Channel if you have such issues as an example. I was looking for doing some adjustment on my pelvic or spines as I know I have such issues. I am doing training for a few months now in a very light and soft way. I feel much better with my training but I feel I stuck to progress due to something wrong with my spine or pelvic adjustment particularly. You can also see great video channels in such areas when some dr record all the sessions for their patients and how they treat them. A good channel for such treatment is Not recommended at all and always increase your knowledge and understanding of your problem before you visit anyone for treatment. good luck with your treatment
till Fredrik Vare
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