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Boka Birth Without Fear - The Method - Mama Mia Klara Lund Barnmorskemottagning, Lund - Bokadirekt

Giving birth is a natural and powerful process, evoking strong emotions – positive as well as negative. The Birth Without Fear Method makes it easier for you to handle any stress or fear as it arises, to approach your labour with the right focus together with the support of your partner and others, and to unlock your natural capacity to give birth. The lecture is 4h with a short break. We advise to bring a snack for the break. There is some practical training so the supporting person that will be with the birthing person during the birth needs to attend as well. REGISTER BOTH THE BIRTHING PERSON AND THE SUPPORTING PERSON HERE AT Boka Direkt. At Klara Kvinnohälsa it's the midwife Carina that gives the lecture. It's free of charge for You who are listed at Klara. For other participans the fee is 899 SEK per couple.

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