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Boka 30 Minute Normatec Session - Movement 2 Performance, Bromma - Bokadirekt

NormaTec is a form of compression boot. Using compressed air to massage your legs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery, these boots feel like a deep pressure, relaxing massage to your legs. Initially feeling like a blood pressure cuff around your foot, the boots inflate and relax in segments to mimic the natural muscle pump of the body to mobilize waste products and enhance lymphatic drainage. There have been multiple research studies investigating the benefits of compression therapy and in particular compression boots on health, well-being and performance. Research has lead to finding NormaTec may help to Improve circulation Enhance lymphatic drainage Remove waste products including lactic acid Improve range of movement and flexibility Decrease DOMs and recovery time Allow your to train harder quicker Relax and unwind Increase flexibility and joint range of motion Used by athletes to make sure they recover quickly for their next training session or competition or by fitness enthusiast looking to increase their training days by recovering faster. 30 minutes can be used to bring blood to the muscle as a warmup or recovery. 60 minutes will help with bringing fresh blood to your legs and help stimulate recovery quickly. Only leg sleeves and hip/lower back available. Two pairs of Normatec and one pair of Flowlife Flowpression. You also have access to our recovery products complimentary by Flowlife including massage pistols, massage pillow, feet massager, eye massager, foam rollers, and more.

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