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Boka Personlig Träning - Movement 2 Performance, Bromma - Bokadirekt

We use intelligent fitness to make sure you are training properly and purposely. Anyone can take 5 random exercises and put them together and call it a circuit, but we here at WBC make sure you are benefiting from what you are doing. If it is for health, weight loss, youth development, functional stretch, mobility, sport, etc, we can help you! David is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) with a university degree in exercise science and biomechanics with over 10 years of experience with athletic development, movement, and general population. He has trained from all levels including the Olympics (USA, Russian, Tunisia, Bermuda, and Japan), NBA, NFL, NHL, WWE, figure skating, and MMA (UFC). Online personal training is included with 10 & 20 session packages with requirement of 1 visit a week. Daniel is a certified personal trainer and movement specialist. He has experience with the international dancers, movement, and general population. As an international dancer himself, he has experience with movement for over 35 years. Both are certified mobility specialist and are certified for assessment.

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