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Boka TOTUM body therapy - Holistic oil free bodywork 60 min - Rosendahl Kroppsterapi & massage | Skeppsbron , Malmö - Bokadirekt

This treatment is for you who want a holistic body treatment! Different scenarios such as...​ ​ ...pains & tensions ...fatigue ...low energy ...reduced joy in life ...burnout ...stress ...chronic ailments ...trauma ...hard to relax ...childhood that haunts you ...difficult relationship with friend, partner, parent ...betrayal and sadness ...need to "move on" ​ and many more can be reflected in a present light during a Totum body therapy session. ​ It is an effective form of treatment for you who want a deep, therapeutic massage. It is also for you who want to change an emotional state or process an event or trauma. Totum body therapy is an organic and flexible method that is carried out based on a holistic approach. It's a holistic body treatment, quite simply. Breathing and talk therapy are at the center. This treatment is oil free. * The treatment is suitable for pregnant women who have passed week 12. Gift cards can be bought on site and via my Boka direkt profile! Click on Buy gift card/value card.

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