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Boka Pigmenteringar & Solskador - Specialist kliniken AB, Skärholmen - Bokadirekt

Pigmenteringar & Solskador: Kemisk peeling + lyxig mask Antiage & Solskador: Kemisk peeling + lyxig mask Denna peeling är utmärkt för dig som önskar reducera solskador och ålderstecken. Du bör gå en kur på ca 8 ggr (1 ggn/ veckan eller varannan vecka för bäst effekt) Du bör undvika att sola det behandlade området minst 1-2 veckor efteråt samt använda minst solskyddsfaktor 30. BCN Peel #03 Depigmentant 20% Lactic Acid | 20% Mandelic Acid | 20% Glycolic Acid | 1, 5 - 2,5 pH BCN Peel #03 – Depigmentant is a chemical exfoliant that combines three alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs): lactic acid, mandelic acid and glycolic acid. It is characterized by its depigmenting, antioxidant and regenerative action. Depigmentant PEEL Lactic acid breaks the protein junctions between the corneocytes, causing their detachment and reducing the thickness of the hyperkeratotic stratum corneum. It stimulates the production of collagen and glycosaminoglycans constituents of the dermal matrix. Also exerts a natural moisturizing effect on the skin by attracting water molecules to the horny layer and stimulating the synthesis of ceramides, improving and modulating the barrier function. It promotes homogenous dispersion of melanin, inhibits the action of tyrosinase and blocks melanogenesis. Has an antioxidant effect. Mandelic acid has a bigger molecular structure than other AHAs so it penetrates more slowly into the stratum corneum and requires a longer exposure time. For this reason it does not cause irritation or pruritus on the skin. Further it increases collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans synthesis in the papillary dermis. Also exerts a depigmenting effect even in dark phototypes.

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