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Boka Yogamassage 90 min - Restorative Therapy by Ulrika Rosander , Lidingö - Bokadirekt

Yogamassage is a profound massage technique that releases muscle tension and frees blocked energy throughout the body. This specific type of Yogamassage was developed by Kusum Modak, an Indian doctor and student of the renowned yoga master B.K.S Iyengar. This is a unique technique where the therapist combines and alternates massage, breathing exercises, and yoga stretches, resulting in deep relaxation for the entire body. The whole body is always treated, but specific stretches are adapted and performed based on individual needs and specific issues. The main aim of Yogamassage is to align the body and create balance between the body's right and left sides. Many problems/pains disappear when the body's structure is in its natural balance and when body and mind are in harmony. A lot of focus is placed on the area around the shoulder blades to release tension and thereby also improve and deepen breathing. The treatment is performed on a mat on the floor, and I use my feet and walk on the client's back if necessary to reach deeply embedded tensions. Oil is used to increase circulation and help eliminate toxins. Yogamassage has been shown to have very positive effects on: Back/neck problems Headaches Sciatica Hormonal imbalance Digestive problems Stress Depression Sleep disorders The treatment is deeply relaxing and beneficial for both body and soul.

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