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Boka Balinese ritual massage - 40 minutes - Dalia Forst, Göteborg - Bokadirekt

Indonesian therapy aims to transport the receiver into a realm of calm and well being. It creates an intense muscular relaxation and helps to improve the skin texture and its luminosity. It activates blood circulation, regulates the lymphatic system, and has an overall firming and toning effects. The therapist adjusts the pressure according to the client's requirements and physiology. Let your body and soul immerse in the secrets of the island of Bali! It includes scapular, neck, feet and hands massage and original techniques like the use of forearms. The following are the contraindications: this therapy should not be done to clients with fever, cold, inflammation, wounds, cancer and skin injuries. The pregnant as well as those who underwent recent surgery should not be subjected to this therapy.

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