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Boka Coaching/Konsultation utifrån The Seven Signs of Origin 120 min - Restorative Therapy by Ulrika Rosander , Lidingö - Bokadirekt

Coaching/Consultation based on The Seven Signs of Origin 120 min This variant offers a more comprehensive experience. It is particularly suited for those who already have a keen interest in spirituality and wish to delve deeper, benefiting from Pling's vast spiritual and quantum physical knowledge. It's also suitable for those with curiosity or openness to the idea that there is more to existence than what meets the eye, or for individuals who simply desire more time. Pling channels your Archetypes/energies based on The Seven Signs of Origin and explains your personality from an immensely interesting and higher perspective. She assists you in understanding your gifts and how to best approach your challenges. While Pling has always had a mediumistic background and is trained as a Medium and Healer, she doesn't work as a traditional Medium. Instead, she functions more like a modern mystic who, on a quantum theoretical level, retrieves information from the Universe through advanced geometric mathematics. The Seven Signs of Origin, a fascinating system channeled by Pling approximately 25 years ago, sheds light on the origins of the universe and what it means to be human from this higher perspective. Connections to other significant systems, such as the Mayan calendar, can also be observed. It's a profoundly unique experience to explore your Archetypes and Pling's profound understanding of metaphysical concepts and how they manifest in our individual personalities. This spiritual character analysis can greatly aid in our understanding of ourselves and the Universe's intention behind our diversity, as well as how we evolve as souls. This session is also available online. Please indicate your preference in the booking and include your age and current place of residence. We recommend that you record the conversation. During Google Meet, this needs to be done via a mobile device placed beside your computer.

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