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Boka 'How to play a gong' Lecture with Martin Bläse Gongmaster - Yoga Shala Kungälv, Kungälv - Bokadirekt

'How to play a gong'. Lecture with Gongmaster Martin Bläse. 16 June 4-5:30 PM We are happy to have Martin Bläse visit us from Germany again. Master of Silversmithing, third generation Gong Maker, Gong Player, Meditation Facilitator and Creator of Wonderful Instruments. I feel like heaven is full of gongs, who are just waiting to be born into the world. One of them keeps knocking on my door and says: "My time has come." Then I start knocking with my Hammer and while I'm working on him he tells me stories, he tells his story. Sometimes they are legends from ancient times, that have not yet been told to the end. Sometimes they are concepts that wander around in the spiritual sphere and wait for understanding, sometimes it's different. However, every gong has its own story, every gong is a living being and would like to be recognized as such. - Martin Bläse How to make a gong tell you his story. Martin will show you this in the lecture on June 16th 'How to play a gong' Martin offers two lectures 'How to play a gong' on June 16th and 'About Sound Quality’ on June 15th. Price: 222sek pr lecture. He also offers two Gong concerts on June 14th & 17th. From June 14th to 16th he will have his exhibition called 'Gong Legends' in our Center, where you can experience and buy his creations with a direct contact with the master. Booking: www.yogashalakungalv.se / erla@yogashalakungalv.se

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