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A personal space for yoga, treatments and Bed & Breakfast.
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Levande Blod Analys med Akupunktur, Kranio Sakral Terapi, Rebalancing Bodywork, Aroma Terapi.


Mikael Bede har undervisat yoga i 20år och har bred kunskap om de alternativa vägarna till yogans vackra men svåra positioner. Med Mikaels hjälp lär vi oss att undvika skador och istället få kraft och hälsa från yoga asanas.

Alla nivåer välkomna.
Pris: 525kr
Fredag 17 Maj 18:00-20.00
Lördag 18 Maj 09.00-11.00
Bokning: Linnea, 0703894219
Den 4 Maj 2019 arrangerar vi en heldags-workshop i andningsteknik med Paul Silfverstråle på Stället.

Andningen är hjärnans "fingeravtryck". Vårt inre manifesterar sig hela tiden - oftast under vår egen radar - genom hur vi andas. Andningen är kopplad till allt - hållning, avslappning/anspänning, fokus/avslappning, prestation/återhämtning, sömn/vakenhet mm.

Med medvetenhet och rätt metoder kan vi effektivare anpassa "vårt inre" till den omgivning och kontext vi är i oavsett om det handlar om förbättrad tävlingsprestation, lugn inför att tala inför publik, förbättrad sömn, högre muskelavslappning etc. Genom dessa metoder öppnar vi dörren in till vår egen neurologi och "kommandocentralen" för vår funktion.
Andningsträning bidrar dessutom med ökad vitalitet och närvaro generellt.
Kursens innehåll bygger på erfarenhetsbaserade metoder och färsk forskning.

Är du redo att kliva in i en ny värld, djupare i din egen fysiologi?

Känner du igen något av följande?
Astmatiska besvär
Smärtrelaterade problem
Stressrelaterade problem
eller vill du
Kunna ändra ditt mentala tillstånd på ett medvetet sätt
Ta din träning till en ny nivå
Optimera tävlingsträning
Bättre hantera stress under prestation
Optimera din återhämtningsförmåga
Hitta sambandet mellan andning och hållning/spänningar
Förbättra rörelsekvalitet och förmåga
Lära dig effektiv stresshantering
Då är den här dagen något för dig!
With Hestu Rahmayani Gustafsson

Price: 700 kr (including a light vegetarian lunch)

10.00 - 12.00: Moving through life with the yamas.
12.00 - 13.00: Lunch
13.00 - 14.15: Cultivating the inner life with the niyama.
14.15 - 14.45: Break time
14.45 - 16.00: Re-designing the good life.

This workshop is inspired from two of yoga’s ethical discipline: Yama and Niyama from the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They are the basis of two moral backbones of yoga that serve as a foundation for practice, meditation and self awareness in all aspects of life.

Yama and Niyama are interdependent; niyama strengthen and safeguards yama.

Session 1: "Moving through life with the yamas"
This practice brings the 5 ethical principles to the opportunities of self reflection. In this session you explore how you might better participate in your own life.

Session 2: "Cultivating the inner life with the niyamas"
The second session invites you to cultivate the inner life by teaching the mind to enjoy the simpler things in life and to help us strengthen and support our chacter.

Session 3: "Re-designing the good Life"
The third session brings you to the full practice of yama and niyama; being mindful and more present and aware state of being. Bring love into your everyday Life. Live and breathe it in every moment.

My favorite mantra is “Bring love into your everyday life. Start loving yourself. When you are comfortable with your body and with your (inner)self then you can help others. Create a space inside of you and shine a light through it.”

You can find me on social media:
Facebook : Yoga with Hestu
Instagram : _hestuletsmove

Yin Yoga utbildning med Todd Grube, Modul 2

Fredag 22:e Nov 12:00 - 18:00
Lördag 23:e Nov 10:00 - 18:00
Söndag 24:e Nov 10:00 - 17:00

Yin Yoga training (entering the temple gates), Tradition, practice and mysticism.
Yin yoga is an ancient Chinese practice that has its roots in qigong and Chinese Medicine and is deeply rooted in the Taoist traditions. The original name is called Taoist yoga. Taoist yoga is divided into two different energetic practices yin yoga: static postures or slow moving and yang yoga: which had a qigong flow meditative feel, but also builds heat and strength. They were always taught together!!In this first Temple ( module) we will focus on yin yoga but also be introduced to yang flows , qigong and Tao yin (animal movements) as traditionally taught.

This is the second of 5 modules which you can build on to. It’s both open to teachers and people who want to go deeper into this ancient knowledge and a more authentic, traditional and fun practice.

Health and Fitness

Kids SUP Summer Camp
The centre is in the grounds of Stubbevället, with great access to numerous waterways which can accommodate all levels and ages at the SUP summer camps.
The SUP Summer camps consist of a weeks’ tuition with at least 2 hours in the water every day. Your child will learn all about water safety, SUP equipment and of course, how to Stand Up and Paddle!
The kids will need to bring their Bicycles as we will be getting around by bike, meeting the team and the SUPs at different locations every day.
The afternnons will be dedicated to 2 hours of English lessons with a qualified TEFL teacher. The kids will interact in easy English and all communication will be in English which will allow the kids to pick up new vocabulary.
There will be many other activities including ecological walks and foraging, group games and an environmental talk about plant life in the area.
We will also introduce the kids to Yoga by scheduling a kids Yoga lesson with our qualified Yoga teacher at
The week SUP camp includes the following
o 5 day activity camp with professionally qualified instructors (9am-3pm each day)
o 2 hour English language lessons per day
o 2 hours of SUP instruction per day
o SUP equipment included
o Fun group games and plant life exploring with our environmental program
o Friday night camp out (optional)
o An exciting, outdoor, healthy activity that will keep the kids entertained this summer
o One Kids Yoga lesson during the week
CONTACT US with any pre sales questions or book through
Lunch is not included, so please make sure you supply your kids with a good healthy meal. We are trying to cut down on plastic, so please send the lunches in a plastic free containers or bags.
The kids should bring spare clothes in case they get wet, the clothes should be warm.
A towel and some swim wear is important as we will be spending half the day in the water.
Please to get in touch if you have any questions.
Team building and Corporate Sup tours

Come along with your work colleagues and have a day out with us on the rivers and lakes around Linköping. We will first give you a quick course on how to paddle the SUPs, guide them and improve your stance. We will then take you through the waterways which we have mapped out and know well. We will even take you through Town and the Kinda Canal starting from Scandic Hotel if you prefer to stay in town.
Otherwise we paddle out in the rivers and lakes around Vreta Kloster.
It’s a lovely relaxing way to see the country side as it slides past. You will feel muscles you might not have used toning up as you paddle along also making it a nice way to get some exercise.
SUPing is fairly easy to grasp, and with our tuition it will take no time for you to be gliding along comfortably.
All equipment is included
The cost is 1000kr per person for half day.
What you get:
• Paddle tutorial
• All equipment
• Qualified instructor and lifeguard
• 2 hours on the water
• Picnic on request for extra 100kr
• Yoga session for extra 150kr

We will make you up a picnic on request for an extra 100 kr per person and then find a great spot to stop and have it.
We can also organize a yoga session for you to relax and stretch after or before your SUP session with trained Yoga teacher for 150kr per person

Yoga Stället

Stället is personal space for yoga, treatments and B&B.
We offer a place that is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere everyone can grow.

Start or deepen your yoga practice here, learn about yoga philosophy and meditation with a variety of excellent teachers.

Or book a treatment with Linnea who offers a range of therapies.

We also offer regular workshops with some of the most innovative teachers, Swedish and international.
Our aim is to nurture the health of every individual adults and children alike

We can also look after you in our beautiful traditional Cottage and B&B facilities set in the beautiful Swedish countryside.

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590 76 Vreta Kloster
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