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Elisabeth Lewenhaupt

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Odd fellows gränd 1, 611 32, Nyköping
Welcome! What is Elisbabeth offering? Gudince to a better health on several levels. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual How? Through guided sessions based on breathwork, meditation and energy work. Why? To help you shift your perspective and find a healthier way of living. Vision, Mission & Goal Expand the consciousness of the humanity in order to rise the quality of life-force-energy and gaining a stronger contact with its potential. For who? The guided sessions is dedicated to you who experience a lack of energy in one or several levels in life.  Privat people  Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs  Athletes What is it good for? - The immune system - Willpower, focus, determination, problem solving - Activating the hormone system - Positive effects on workout - Stronger connection to your intuition. Emotional support: - Releasing greaf, sadness,stress,anger,stuck emotions/trauma Where? Hot Yoga Nyköping, oddfellow huset Read the booking policy before you book! In case of late cancellation or no-show, the entire session amount will be charged. As a customer, you agree to this by booking a session. IMPORTANT! If you are more than 10 minutes late, the session will be canceled as I will not have time for your session and you will be charged for the visit. By booking an appointment, you accept that you will be charged in case of late cancellation, delay or no-show. Welcome!

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  • Privat Session Energy Activation 60 min
    60 minuter, 1 250 kr
  • Privat Session Energy Activation 90 min
    90 minuter, 1 500 kr


Elisabeth LewenhauptLeadership, Focus, Dicipline

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