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Important information: On the 12th of August the Digital COVID Certificate will also include negative test result and a certificate of recovery. This certificate will be valid for travelers within the EU. Unfortunately, our digital journal system provider, has not yet managed to couple the journal system to the authority providing the Digital COVID Certificate. Because of this, WE CAN NOT issue these Digital Certificates. Efforts are being made to make this happen shortly. While waiting for the digital solution, we have decided to continue testing and issuing paper based certificates, the same certificates that have been valid throughout spring and summer. However, we CAN NOT GUARANTEE that this will be valid at your destination. We therefore ask you to check with your airline and the countries you are visiting, to ensure that the paper based COVID certificate will be accepted. If not, you have to seek another certificate provider, that has already joined the digital COVID certificate. Vaccin I Norr AB does not take responsibility for any costs due to invalid certificates. All possible costs due to an invalid certificate is fully covered by the individual (or company) buying the certificate. We will continue to perform testing and travel certificate the same way we have succesfully done during the spring and summer until the technical solution for the Digital Certificates is in place.

Boka tjänst

  • Antibodytest10 minuter, 375 kr
  • Antigentest + Certificate (bring your passport, ta med passet)5 minuter, 500 kr · Mer info
  • PCR + Intyg för svenskt personnumer (Ta med ditt pass) 1 700 kr · Mer info
  • PCR + Certificate foreign citizens (Bring your passport) 2 500 kr · Mer info

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We can help you with Antigen or PCR:test + certificate for travel or other areas that you need this product. If you want to talk to us. Send us an e-mail with your contact info.


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