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Boka LNT® (La Nueva Terapia) - Ayala Divine Connection, Umeå - Bokadirekt

LNT® (La Nueva Terapia) is a powerful non-invasive therapy channeled by Phillipe Schwidersky (a prestigious french Craneal – Sacral therapist, nurse and Chinese medicine practitioner). LNT® helps us heal many different issues while at the same raising our awareness and connecting us to our essence. It allows us to work on many issues like COVID 19 ,migraines, body aches, joint pain, stress, anxiety, infertility, allergies, auto-immune deseases and that can greatly reduce or even reverse many ailments. People benefit on a physical, emotional and on a karmic level. The therapy is closely linked to the awakening of global consciousness. It is a new therapy that achieves results in the healing of numerous physical or emotional ailments or traumas. It also produces changes in the personal and social sphere of the person. It works with the Source of life, the Source of creation. Connecting more and more with a higher intelligence or rather with a higher plane of consciousness that he calls “The Source”. It is an energetic and spiritual technique that works with the quantum power of attention and especially the intention on the healing of living beings (including animals). We work on three bodies (physical body, energy body and the spiritual body) the common point is The Source, each of the bodies is connected to it. An energy bypass is created to be able to connect with all three. It is a High Intelligence Frequency, that works on congestions of the energetic body at 3 levels: Physical level / Emotional level / Spiritual level. LNT® uses very different frequencies than Reiki and other energetic techniques. Our cells contain light (photons) and information (DNA). LNT® is a carrier of Light and Information and restores the Light and biological Information in our cells so that they can work in perfect balance again. If everything is possible, healing is also possible. “There is not a total healing of the physical body without healing the energetic body”

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