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Boka Training - Spirituality, Advanced, Level 3 - Living is an art AB - Paulina Dunker, Stockholm - Bokadirekt

This training is divided into 3 sections to accommodate different layers of experience. Level 1 - Spiritual Hygiene, clearing & cleansing Your energetic field - Protection/Boundary setting - Free will choice & Intention - Connecting to Higher Self Level 2: - Spirituality in everyday life - Creating a regular practice - Working with uncovering and healing blockages - Activation of spiritual gifts & potentials - Deepening the previous concepts & understandings from level 1 Level 3 - Multidimensional perspectives, parallel lifetimes, light language activation, dream spaces and more - Deepening & integrating the previous understandings In all levels we use intuitive exercises, guided meditations, ceremonies and homework to integrate the practice. Dates for next training coming soon. Welcome to send requests, private & group sessions online and/or in person also available. info@paulinadunker.com

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