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Aroma Medical Massage Therapy

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We are specific offer the treatment for women customers only. Regarding to the women's body function knowledge and handle the treatment instruction. We use EKO essential oils that help relax the brain. To provide you as the customer with the most satisfying and relaxing treatment possible, my education and my development over the years have taught me a lot about how to best relieve symptoms like chronic back pain. hip and leg pain, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, and migraines Important for all customers!! If you have any of the above symptoms It is important to massage carefully. Massage can stimulate blood flow, and stretch, and tighten muscles and tendons, which can be harmful if you have certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Nervous system disease, loose joints, blood vessel or lymphatic blockage, diabetes, or infected wounds It is best to consult a doctor before receiving a traditional Thai massage with acupressure and stretching to protect your health. Massaging can also increase the risk of wound spread and infection. Therefore, you should avoid massage until the wound has healed. To ensure hygiene and cleanliness It is recommended that clients shower before and after their massage treatments. Helps maintain and nourish the skin effectively while maintaining good hygiene. Booking conditions mean that you as a customer cannot cancel before treatment. But must be canceled 24 hours before. If canceled 3 hours before the treatment, a fee of 50% of the treatment amount will be charged. WELCOME..

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  • Foot Massage 60minutes -Women package
    60 minuter, 650 krMer info
  • The back, neck and shoulders massage - Women package
    60 minuter, 650 krMer info
  • Aroma Medical Full-body Massage Therapy - Women Package
    70 minuter, 750 krMer info
  • Scalp Guasha & Head Massage - Women Package
    60 minuter, 650 krMer info


SarudaTraditional Medical Massage Therapist
Massage therapy is a great way to reduce muscle tension and stress. Massage helps relieve stress by lowering the heart rate, increasing relaxation, and releasing feel good hormones. Emotions such as anxiety and depression can be reduced once stress levels are decreased. Receiving a massage is beneficial to increasing the feeling of content and well-being.

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Please note, that we accept swich payments to company only. **We do not accept cash** If you have other questions, you can also send an SMS or an email! Telephone: 076-8504193 Mail: sarudawellness@gmail.com


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