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Dana Nel at Remedy STHLM

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Artillerigatan 26, 11451, Stockholm
Hi and warm welcome to my online booking page. Here you can find some services I offer. I would like to add that all the treatments are tailor made according to your needs, so if you are confused about what service to book, we can always decide on the day of your treatment. Please note: For Payments, you can either pay Swish on the day of the treatment or Klarna for online payments.

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  • 30 minutes Add-On
    30 minuter, 645 krMer info


  • Face and Body Massage Combo
    90 minuter, 1 945 krMer info


  • Face Sculpting Massage
    60 minuter, 1 245 krMer info
  • Facial Deep Tissue Massage
    60 minuter, 1 245 krMer info
  • Buccal Face Massage
    60 minuter, 1 245 krMer info
  • Guasha Face Lift Massage
    60 minuter, 1 245 krMer info


  • Deep Tissue Body Massage
    60 minuter, 1 245 krMer info


DanaDana Nel
Hi and welcome to my profile. With nearly 20 years of experience in a beauty industry I offer a unique service of Face massage which delve deep into the skin's layers, releasing tension, toning muscles and nourishing cells from within. Every treatment I offer is a culmination of years of learning and refining techniques, ensuring that each session is tailored precisely to your unique needs. My ultimate goal is to empower you to not only look your best but to feel comfortable and confident in the skin you're in.

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With over 15 years of experience in the beauty sector, my career is dedicated to supporting your facial health and vitality in a non-invasive way. I make face care truly holistic for my clients and offer various types of face and body treatments that support your specific needs. I am looking forward to treating you and helping you looking and feeling confident in your own skin.


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  • Artillerigatan 26, 11451, Stockholm