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Boka Lyxig kosmetisk akupunktur hos Dr Lin - Norden KinaMedicin på Östermalm, Stockholm / Östermalm - Bokadirekt

We start giving face treatment by combination of traditional Chinese technics and modern face care. We take care customer's skin and at the same time their internal health. Since the internal health may play an more important role than skin caring to keep a charming beautiful face. Therefore, our idea, based on traditional Chinese medicine, to keep your health and beautiful face should take care both internal health and external skin and subcutaneous tissue. Here we will exam your general health conditions and our doctor will consider if you have any exist or potantial healthy or sub-healthy problem which could effect skin health, circulation and nutritional supply. Our individual treatment is designed for you according your individual skin condition and overall health. With traditional Chinese acupuncture and massages, our practicer will stimulating special meridian points (energy chanel) both on face, arm and leg if necessary on abdomen as well. the unique Chinese medical health approach, conditioning the body from the internal aspect, let your skin shining its most natural beauty.

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