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Boka Personalized Online Training w/ Gym - Movement 2 Performance, Bromma - Bokadirekt

Using the Teambuildr platform, clients will get a custom monthly program that is catered to your specific demand. What ever your goals may be, after a scheduled meeting to collect information, you will get access to a custom program that includes video link as well. On the app, you will be able to communicate as well. To get started, scheduled a consultation call for online training. This is where we will decide the right direction for you. From there you can do 2 things: 1) In-person(90 minutes) or online(60 minutes) assessment. With online training, you will receive a discount for your assessment. An assessment gives us an idea of where to start and how to get to where we want to be. This will help with exercise selection as well. This is typically what I do when I train Olympians remotely. 2) Move forward with your specific goal but select exercises based on survey(predicting that the exercise is right). Each subscription will be 4 weeks long. This is not a program where you may get many exercises. This is a program that may be repetitive, but you have access to a trainer that will adapt, monitor, customize volume, every week. You will have access to Westbarbell when staff is available which is usually everyday. the prices for a subscription(4 weeks) is 2000kr. It will be built to our needs and adapt to your schedule as well. You will know exactly what to do in your workout and what to do on your rest days. Online training is also including with 10 or 20 personal training package.

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