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Boka Online lecture - C.E Holistic, Online - Bokadirekt

Lecture: The true light in existence...Psychic balance & well-being This lecture is about my book "The true light of existence". Do you have time to not feel well...? Mental illness among us is increasing, gaining knowledge about what creates illness but also what we need and can add to create mental health is collected in this book I wrote. The tools and tools we need to reduce what creates mental illness and what we need more of in our lives is something I'm trying to put my finger on. This by putting into words the conditions that exist in our psyche and explains how we can understand these conditions, how feelings connected to fear versus love are with us in every choice and every day of our lives. This together with reflection questions so that you can understand where you are and how you can simultaneously work with these conditions and everyday situations. The lecture is based on the ones I wrote in my book, but you don't have to have read my book to get a good lecture on existential balance/mental health & ill health. Read reviews of me as a lecturer: www.ce-artistic.com* SEK 4,000 divided by 11 for the price in Euros

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